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Al-Saeed Business Tower

AL SAEED BUSINESS TOWER is a luxury office complex comprises of 14 floors that offers high quality standard of offices and 9 showrooms at the ground floor.

Al-Saeed Business Tower has 65 offices that range from the floor area of 140 m² to 470 m² With vast of parking area of around 340 slots to cater tenants’ parking needs.

Al-Saeed Business Tower has a total land area of 7,700 m² and 2,000 m² at ground floor.

In compliance with the Civil Defense requirement, Al Saeed Business Tower was built with a high end fire detection system to protect the investments of its tenants and owner as well.

In order to provide the Tower with the required level of safety, an addressable fire detection system, the UTCFS EST Fire Detection System has been installed through the expertise of UTC Fire & Security (A United Technologies Company). This system is highly reliable, user friendly and robust so that Al-Saeed Business Tower could limit the threat of fire to the minimum.

Throughout the building's 14 floors, there are 585 optical smoke detectors, 108 thermal detectors, 52 manual call points and 53 temporal horns


Al- Khobar – Dammam
Highway, Rakah Area
T: +966-3-814-7444
F: +-966-3-814-7066


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